A Return To Normalcy Requires the Re-election of President Trump

Justice Ginsburg’s unfortunately timed death serves as another depressing reminder how despicably polarized our body politic has become. In a period of just four hours it became obvious that few, if any, are even concerned with the Justice’s legacy anymore. Instead, the focus was immediately shifted to the seat she left vacant on the Supreme Court, with Senate leaders Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer each digging in their heels over the question whether the nomination and confirmation of her replacement should take place before or after the election.

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White Fragility

A Tale of Two Narratives: Review of “White Fragility”

Yours truly finished reading two books last week, each of which rather instructive in its own way. The first is Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s three-volume The Gulag Archipelago. In this world-famous, monumental work published in 1973, the author offers a horrifying look into life in the Soviet prison camps. Contrary to popular opinion at the time, Solzhenitsyn traced the gulags origins all the way back to Lenin and argued that they were inherent to the Soviet political system. This came as a shock to gullible Western intellectuals who excused the existence of the camps as a mere deviation under Stalin.

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Continued Lockdowns Will Tear the Country Apart

I lost business today from a person who was in fear of me having to enter her house. After all, she conveyed, she would need to let the entire place air out for 48 hours before she could set foot in it again herself, so I was told to come back sometime when the novel coronavirus has blown over. Even my promise of mask-wearing and diligent handwashing couldn’t allay her fears. And so another good chunk of revenue went out the door.

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America’s Weimar Moment?

It is easy to dismiss the present state of our Republic as yet another momentary crisis which, though perhaps pivotal, will blow over by the end of the year or maybe next. After all, we are the country of the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism and the day care sex abuse frenzy of the 1980s. It’s quite possible that this moral panic, too, shall pass without eroding the Constitution.

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Stampede Of the Brainless Smartphone Addicts

Alright, let’s just call the present iconoclasm what it is: a moral panic. Doing so obviously puts one at risk of being placed on the wrong side of history — or worse, being labeled a racist — but a moral panic it is nonetheless.

Those who have been predicting doom and gloom for our Western civilization (such as yours truly) can hardly be surprised by what is going on. As I’ve been saying for a while, our youth have been steeped in a pernicious moral relativism for a dangerously long period of time now. Nothing good could come of it. As Andrew Sullivan noted the other day, “we all live on campus now.”

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