The Anti-Antifa Handbook (Review of Andy Ngo’s “Unmasked”)

Reading about Antifa, its modi operandi, its motives, and its insidious influences on our Western societies has been a long-time pre-occupation of yours truly. Growing up in Western Europe there was never any shortage of developments surrounding this topic. But, notwithstanding its dangers back there and then, Antifa’s European activities at the time couldn’t hold a candle to what happened in the United States in 2020.

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Sorry SJWs, Your Program Is Not Rational

Rumors of an incident in my hometown spread like a wildfire this week. Someone came out on social media with a story from a black friend who claimed that she was (or was almost) denied service at an appliance repair shop. While no further details were provided, much less a reason for the alleged (non-)refusal, the assumption was that the color of the customer’s skin had something to do with it.

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Donald Trump on


Let’s get the following three disclaimers out of the way.

#1: Yours truly would have crawled over broken glass to vote for Donald Trump in November twenty-five times had the law permitted it. If the clock could be dialed back two months, I’d do it all over again, and the barrel of a gun on my temple couldn’t persuade me to vote for Joe Biden instead.

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No, Trump Won’t Bring About Authoritarianism — But Biden Might

An existential angst has taken hold of America. It’s come in the form of a realization that our constitutional republic may be slipping through our fingers. This anxiety seems to be the one point of bipartisan agreement in our otherwise hopelessly divided body politic. But when it comes to assigning blame for the erosion of our institutions, conservatives and progressives revert right back to pointing fingers at one another.

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