Europe As the New Israel

I’ve got to thank the Islamic crazies for one thing: This time I woke up with the news, whereas last time around I went to bed with it, so at least I’m spared the morning hangover from too many glasses of scotch today. But that’s the only silver lining I can think of at the moment.

After the savage attacks in Paris I declared myself mildly optimistic “that the horrific events in Paris tonight will finally tip the scales of public opinion and have some political consequences across the Old Continent.” But then I witnessed the aftermath, the debates on television, internet and social media, and occasionally started feeling an odd desire to reach for the whiskey bottle at 10 AM instead of PM. After all, if politics is downstream from culture, and our culture has become so meek, so decadent, so masochist, why fool ourselves that a few immigration-restrictionist politicians are going to make a real difference here?

And, as I wrote before, the real opportunity to fix this mess came when we still had the opportunity to prevent it. Whoever came up with the thought that importing millions of Muslims into Europe would be a good idea sure deserves the Nobel Prize for Folly and Deceit. But then, these new Europeans made for cheap labor and lots of new votes for the people running our countries at the time, so who cares about a few knuckle-dragging whites being blown to pieces every now and then?

So my statement that Europe is turning into another Israel is becoming reality pretty quickly if the Jihadis keep up their current pace. All we’re waiting for now is for some left-wing professor to cook up a theory of how the Europeans really stole their land from the Neanderthals and never had a claim on it to begin with. The invaders and their Western enablers can stage an economic boycott or two, and the flotillas are already rolling in as we speak.

The sad thing is that the good people of Israel are at least willing to fight for their country. The European elites are just now finally — if unwillingly — starting to figure out what everybody with a tiny bit of common sense has known since at least 9/11: that we have a real problem on our hands with large minorities concentrated in crappy neighborhoods who have no desire to adapt to their new homelands, socially, economically, or culturally.

Time and time again we have been told that only a minute minority of Muslims support terrorism. Yet last week it turned out that everybody and their mother in Molenbeek, one of those fine Brussels neighborhoods, knew Salah Abdeslam had been hiding in their midst for months, but not one of them deemed it their patriotic duty to notify the authorities of this fact. This is the guy who masterminded the Paris terrorist attacks which killed 130 people, in case you forgot, but presumably he was fighting the oppression and poverty of those poor souls in Molenbeek and other such ghettos, with just their Nike sneakers, iPhones and fat welfare checks to keep them alive. Only in Europe do the natives subsidize those whose sole aim it is to break down their hosts’ civilization.

Since, as the terrorists like to say, we need to be lucky all the time while they need to be lucky just once, it stands to reason that attacks like today’s are going to occur throughout Europe on a regular basis. We can’t fix it, just suppress it, like weeds in our backyard. The only question at this point is whether the Europeans will get so angry they will take up arms themselves and start organizing reprisals. The first signs of such a development have already materialized in the form of the occasional vandalism at mosques, and of course Anders Breivik, the lunatic from Norway who in the summer of 2011 set off a bomb next to a government building in downtown Oslo and then went on to shoot up a gathering of the Norwegian labor party’s youth chapter, killing 77 in total.

Whether or not these spasms will ever erupt in a full-scale civil war, the lights will go out in Europe regardless. Political freedoms will be reigned in in an effort to keep people safe and defuse tensions between ethnic groups, and economic stagnation across the continent will be the norm going forward. And unlike the Israelis, the Europeans brought it upon themselves.

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