The Free Dutchman: Expert and in-depth commentary by Mark Alexis. I’m a formerly Dutch business owner in the United States, the country I love. I write about politics, culture and philosophy. Ever thoughtful, sensitive and unbiased, yet a fiery defender of the West.

My opinions are my own, but I take no responsibility for any grammatical or spelling errors, much less typos.


  1. Hi April! So nice to hear from you! Do let me know when you have it up! I’ll certainly give that book a hard look, and will also check out that article.

    I enjoyed our discussion too!

  2. Hi there Mark, I am just finishing Ben Cobley’s book “The Tribe”; I’m working on my review as I go,
    It just popped into my head that you might find it worthwhile. I am certain that I’d enjoy discussing it with you, in case you are inspired to read it. In any event, I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed our virtual discussion, irrespective of whether you end up reading the Cobley book.
    April (from goodreads)

    PS: Did you see the Arthur Brooks in The Atlantic a few days ago? I found it thought-provoking https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/07/work-peak-professional-decline/590650/

  3. Based on your Love Your Enemies review, I think you might enjoy my new self-help book Wise and Shine. It is a pointillist thinking manual for empathy and wisdom. It is apolitical, but in essence argues that our cognition is open to improvement. From binary thinking, to systems and beyond, I paint a somewhat vague path to follow. 🙂

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